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Setup a Twitch.Tv Channel ! Create a Donation Link Easy!

This is your boy’s iconic return here with another article, and today I’ll show you how to set up your donation and how to set up the donation link. I’m not going to go deep into alerts and how to design them. They will be in two videos.

One is how to set up your OBS settings so that you can get a twitch alert on OBS and pop up a window on your stream. I think it’s going to help some people, so I’ll make sure I get there, and I’ll show you how to set your base under the screen, and how to set the buttons.

As I said, I will publish another article on how to design these content and how to design YouTube banners. I will continue to read the next article, but I will show you how to set all these little things.

Obviously, you can see in the background, there’s an offline screen and a header, and then there’s the top banner. These things make your channel look much better, so all you have to do is scroll down. You’re already on your channel, you want to scroll down on your channel, and you want to see this shut down. Little button.

It says edit panel, click the button, and then you will be able to edit all these different panels. As you can see here, these are all the buttons I’m running down, so I have a Donation button and a About button, a YouTube button and a Twitter button, because these are my two social media.

If someone comes to my site, I want them to find my other social media, so they can follow me on Twitter or YouTube, depending on where they want to go. So, first you can see, we have a donation button, so you can donate $3 or more, it will appear on the spot, and trigger me to jump in some donations, dance, air hump and self-harm, those are jokes, self-mutilation is not a joke.
Texas speeches are always open, which means I always have Texas speeches, and these are some of the donations I received during streaming, so all you have to do is add a picture, so I’m not sure

what the image size is. After finding the image you should use, I will put it on the screen for editing.

When I design the button, I’ll tell you the next time I design it, so you can do that, and then you want this image link, and I suggest using a twitch alert, which is the stream lab is now done or whatever, so my stuff doesn’t work now. I have to change this.

As you can see, this is what your donation page looks like, sending donations to twitch. tviconicyt or your channel, and there’s a button at the top that you can design yourself, thank you, anyway you want to say you can change the background pattern. There’s a pile of them.

I’m going to change it, except for that, background duplication, you can set it to duplicate, this is the background, you can save it to do anything, this is your donation page, so if you have this link reminding things along with the flow of errors, then when you go to set up your, when you’re in streaming media, someone donates, someone Follow, someone subscribe.

You have a subscription button that pops up on the screen, it plays a small role and makes a sound, telling you you you have a donation, so they can see it on the screen, so you can see it here, I can set up media sharing, and if I want people to be able to send YouTube links, you can type A message you can click on this expression if you want something like Kappa, Ross, Cool Story, Bob or any of them that is.

You can set the donation amount and Euro or US Dollar. Whichever you donate, you can always donate to support me. You can see that on the convulsive alert, by donating to support me, you can set everything up on your own, depending on what you want to do, so the annual tip or donation is the best. About 1 US dollars, and about 5 US dollars.

Then, if you have an evil bad word list, you can replace bad words with happy words, disable bad word messages or contain bad words, and you can place custom bad words, so if you have something specific you don’t want to see, you can put them here.

Obviously, if you’re already using it, and you’re not using OBS or any other program for streaming, there’s no convulsion alert or notification on your screen, then you’ll set them all up, and you don’t have to worry about that, but if you set it now, it will still make you donate.

It’s already the length, you link it, you can link to your credit card, your PayPal is the most common, you can link through the PayPal link, their donations will go directly to you, you will want to grab this link here for your page, so here it is, you will copy it and put it in the image Links.

So, you can paste it there, and then whenever someone clicks on the picture, it takes them to any link, links to it, so it will be your donation button, so you can click submit, it will save your changes, and you will set this all.

The next one is about images, I don’t have this link to anything, because it’s a marker to attract people to read it, and this is my part about it, so I tell you that my time from Monday to Friday may be different, but it’s usually around 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern time, and time will flow It is announced before the headline of the media and can be found below Twitter.

If you do these little tags and stuff, you click on Support to Reduce the price, if you put two small asterisks around it, it will show what you type, and then you type anything, it will appear a bold asterisk, it will be italic superscript, if you use a small parenthesis strikethrough title, so use One hashtag two hashtags as the title, and the two is the size here.

You can link things, so it says in brackets that you twitch and then in parentheses, you click on me and type in the link, and you can do something here, so if you want to make a bullet, this will tell you how to do it.

I’m not going to go into it. As you can see, the game will create golden tables. You want to enter different games and content into streaming media. When you transmit more information about yourself, maybe chat rules or whatever you want to do, so the most important thing when you set up your stream is that you want to Want to have your YouTube and Twitter links.

If you do any other social media, and you want to focus them all in one place so that someone can watch your video stream, maybe I’ll check out this YouTube craze, and you’ll get a new user on YouTube and subsequent convulsions, and you don’t want to have no followers.

As you can see here, I’ve provided some information below, such as subscribing to my YouTube channel, checking out some of my gold guides and lighting up my favorite highlights. I’ve also done a lot of other game articles there, which are true, but not true, because I’m not fluent, I streamed to Warcraft for a while, but I didn’t make videos.

So that’s why it’s like this, but it’s the same name, because you want to use the same background and the same text, and change each logo, so this is like an eye and a circle message, and then donate a PayPal logo, and then this is the YouTube Twitter logo, and then you will There is a YouTube link with you.

So, when they click the button, it takes them to your YouTube, and the same thing, Twitter follows me on Twitter, which sounds interesting, green screen overlay or streaming playlists, and you want the audience to interact, and that’s what it is.

So if I close it again, you’ll see the Donation button and the About button, so if I click the Donation button, it will take you to your previous streaming lab site, which means it looks like, if you go to YouTube, the same thing, it will take you to my YouTube channel. I’m not sure what’s going on there.

I think it’s a link relay, but for some reason it’s screwed up now, so once you’ve finished these links, you should be happy to go. I have no channel feed, you can open it. I know that some people like to do so, you can comment, you can release some small states. I don’t like this idea, so I do not keep this.

Then you can click the little edit button, and if you like, you can change the title of the game you’re playing and the language you’re broadcasting, but you can do this mainly from your dashboard, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Here you can click edit, you can change your cover image and your head image, you can upload a new image, this is where you upload your head, you want to have a good head, because this is where people are going to see, they will obviously see your broadcast, such as you want to stand out The main icon, and then you’re offline, it’s not a big deal, you don’t need that, especially when you start.

It’s not a big deal, so these are the main basics of setting up your convulsive channel, and they’re basically buttons and links to your donations through the flow lab, and switching alerts is one thing.

If you like this article or it can help you, make sure you click the button below to comment on any questions, doubts or anything you need, and make sure you review them below and subscribe to keep up to date with future content.

Thank you for reading, stacking peace with my money, don’t let him go, I’ll moan, play ponies, all my weeds come out of Miss Lily’s song, when I finish eating the outside record before I paint my amber Technicolor, get me, but I have butter, you spin the rotary motor from you.