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5 Ways To Grow Your Twitch Channel

Whatever someone tries to tell you, you can still grow a successful channel on Twitch. Here are five ways to do it. Why do you give it a crack here? From the twitch.TV diagonal line, this is David Franco, just behind me. I like it. Twitch is an important part of my life, and I’ve learned a lot in the past few months, so I thought of today’s article.

I’m going to give you five tips that have been working for me, and I want to say that if it works for me, it can work for you easily, maybe even better, but first of all, I want to say that I’m not a twitcher expert, far away from switch experts, and there’s a much bigger twitch than I would ever be, but I like to think about me Do what?

Of course I’ve learned a lot, so let’s jump in, and this is the first hint, the most obvious hint anyone can tell you, but it’s a God’s honest fact that you need to flow regularly now. I’m not saying you need this stream every day, eight hours, ten hours, twelve hours, a lot, but you should flow regularly.

So you don’t flow every day, but it may be on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, or even weekends, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Therefore, periodically let your audience know when you will be on line, and the rest will happen naturally.

The second is to play games that other people want to watch. Now that’s the opposite of what I said in my recent article, and in fact you should only play games that you like. I think it’s easy, but for games that you like, but you don’t think others will like, and then play them offline, at your own time. They are.

Because if you’re trying to add the following switches, you need to play games that other people want to watch you play, which applies to games like Rainbow Six, siege for two weeks, bar G, not games like King oddball. I like King oddball, which is a very simple physics-based game, but others aren’t as obsessed with it as I am.

So stick to games that other people will like, but make sure you want to play your own, and don’t feel compelled to play games that you don’t like, because it’s fun.

The third hint is probably the biggest one, in addition to the first, interact with your audience and understand them. When I look at streamers, I can’t stand the fact that they ignore their audience. I realize that you’ve reached a point, like your ninja or King Richard or myth, and you have thousands of people looking at you at the same time, so I fully understand if you’ve missed something here and there.

But if you’re like me, you have an average of 30 to 40 viewers a day, and you have no reason not to interact with the chat, it’s a huge clock, but interacting and noticing who’s always there and personally understanding them believe me, I’m a living proof that you need to know someone, and I have one every night. An ordinary spectator.

I like the fact that they like to call them by their names because it’s more personal and I know that some people don’t want their names there, which is good, but if you know, they do it once a day, twice a day, even three times a week, to let them know they’re normal. And welcome back.

Don’t say welcome, say welcome back, thank you for coming back, I thank you for your support, let them know their attention. Fourth, to be honest, this is the latest tip I’ve recently given, whether a follower’s goal in your stream is to be my personal follower’s assistant, because I still start somehow.

My stream has a follower’s goal there, and you may not see it on Facecam, which says one fifteenth of the follower’s goal, which means I set a goal for five new followers this morning for two and a half stretches, but I got 12 out of these five fans. My goal has more than doubled. To be honest, it’s a huge deal not only for you but for your audience.

If they see a counter-attack target, such as a follower target, a subscriber target, or the way they want to help you, they’ll get some rec tasks in the stream, so thank you for your attention, thank you for the subbing, which started there, but I can’t express how much this follower’s goal helped me .

Player’s point I’m using the site I’m using for follower’s target, please check below, Player’s point I’m a great site and free. The fifth tip is to share your stream, and I know it’s a common sense that it’s much easier for people like myself to own YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all the existing audiences on all these networks.

But if you don’t have fans like me, there’s no reason why you can’t attract people in your stream, get you started, share your links on Facebook and Twitter, even if you don’t have a large number of followers, use topic tags, invite your friends, invite your family. You can say that I will play for an hour, so it will be cool if you join and help me.

So, if new audiences join your chat room and they find that you’ve got a few people watching, they have to think that this person is doing the right thing, I’ll stick with it, I’ll follow and I’ll see the future flow, it’s like a snowball effect, you start from one, and then eventually it becomes 248 163 264 wait a minute, but that’s not it.

Today we have a reward tip. It’s a common sense. It applies to anything that develops a brand online. It’s patient. You need patience. You need patience. You think I’ll get nearly 3,000 fans overnight. It takes months to do that. Because I’m patient. I’m stable. I show that I care. Playing games, I like them, I interact with the audience, I encourage this interaction.

Sometimes I ask what’s new in my chat room today, what are you doing today, what’s your dinner, what’s the weather like, and even small talk can go a long way, because small talk can become big talk.

These are five tips on how to grow on Twitch in 2018 and a bonus tip. I’ll say it’s not. I’m going to make a follow-up article that includes five tips I’d like to share about growth, the Twitch brand or the Twitch channel in 2018.

So what do you think these techniques can do to make them work, take action and start developing your channel, it’s easier than you think, you have to be patient, have a good time, eat out loud, follow your sleep eight or six times a time, and look at it. That’s what I’m talking about. It shows you’ve given a trash, because you don’t know. Avenue. Thank you for reading. Please follow my Twitch below, and I will see you next time. Let’s go on a trip. Who is a fan?